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  • Metrology and monitoring of pre-packaging weight
  • Legal metrology ensures the correctness of the measures used for commercial transactions and, more generally, ensure public trust is maintained in every type of economic relationship between multiple parties, thanks to the measurement accuracy. The weight indication on the pre-packaged products label must meet very specific regulatory requirements and not be misleading for the consumer.
  • Correctly and thoroughly handling food production to safeguard the consumer, to comply with the law and avoid unnecessary and uneconomic product over-dosages.

Specific case

Application of alternative statistical sampling methods for pre-packaging weight control.


While working for an important client operating in the dairy sector, we dealt with the application of alternative sampling plans in order to reduce the number of samples to be checked during production.


One of the possible batch production control methods pursuant to metrology legislation is verifying compliance with requirements by taking a number of sample packs according to the size of the lot. This quantity can sometimes be excessive and burdensome. On the basis of a thorough production study, other sampling plans that require a lower number of samples can be applied.
We addressed the specific customer request through the application of our method:

  1. Studying the business context and applied technologies;
  2. Finding a sampling plan suitable to the context;
  3. Managing relations with relevant monitoring bodies;
  4. Implementing the plan and producing the necessary supporting documentation;
  5. Verifying the correct application of the plan and training the involved staff.

The study of the specific context led to the identification of an alternative sampling plan that, properly implemented and managed, always in compliance with the regulations and the consumer, allowed for a significant reduction in the number of samples to be taken for each production lot, thus lowering production costs and definitely boosting corporate efficiency.


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