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We offer advice in the field of food packaging we deal with, for all food companies, analysis of technical problems related to materials, printing and packaging. Search for innovative packaging solutions targeting the needs of the customer. Search for new suppliers and packaging systems. Evaluation of the packaging used and cost optimization.

We assist manufacturers of food packaging, food contact materials and articles (MOCA) for the implementation of quality assurance systems and industry GMPs as provided for by Regulation (EC) No. 2023 of December 22, 2006.

Technical delivery specifications are:

• A technical document;
• The clause of a purchase contract;
• A dynamic document that supplier and user needs to discuss and share.

But above all, it is: “a detailed and detailed description of the material to be purchased to allow a purchasing department to request an offer and a supplier to make a price, produce and deliver a product that has the appearance and performance that is perfectly collimating With what was meant by who wrote the document. “

ALMATER operates as follows:
• Analyze customer needs;
• Design and structure the technical document;
• It coordinates the various foreign sources that can provide elements of interest;
• It suggests any improvement aspects of the Packagings in use;
• Prepare the graphic layout of the specifications and all the attachments;
• Provide a “draft” to be submitted to the supplier / user of packaging with which the specifications will be shared;
• It manages document revisions and the progressive refinement of the text.

ALMATER specializes in setting up and drafting specifications and packaging technical specifications tailored to the needs of its customers; alongside manufacturers and users of packaging in the choice and definition of the parameters to be included in the above-mentioned documentation.

Customers will have and will use it as a daily work tool a clear chapter of clear technical specifications, simple, in-depth, well coordinated and quick consultation for all stakeholders.

ALMATER is available to customers to help them improve the performance and efficiency of their packaging materials. It also offers the tutoring service for new managerial figures in the packaging industry. Our consultants alongside the new packaging manager by combining their experience with the enthusiasm of the young manager to help him build a professional culture that strengthens his specific skills.

• Analysis of technical issues related to materials, to printing and packaging;
• Research of innovative packaging solutions tailored to customer needs;
• Search for new suppliers and packaging systems;
• Evaluations of your packaging as a function of cost optimization;
• Designs and carries out of audits with suppliers and outsiders;
• Designs and develops of vendor rating;
• Facilitator in the drafting of the technical specifications of the supply;
• Performs a tutoring service for new managerial figures in the packaging industry.


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